Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Beautiful Blessing Day

Here is our sweet baby girl on her blessing day. She was blessed on Sunday, September 21 by her grandfather Graham Bourne. We were lucky to have many family members and friends in attendance and I was lucky to not be too sleep deprived to enjoy the day. I was up til 1:30 am the night before organizing our house which was ironic as the luncheon we had was at my in-laws. I just felt that the more organized we were, the more I'd be able to enjoy the day. I was right. We were early for church and I didn't feel too rushed. Here is some of what was said:

  • -You have chosen to come to earth at this time as one of the elect daughters of your Heavenly Father
  • We bless you to grow in strength and understanding of the gospel.
  • We bless you to be a light unto the world and a light unto those you meet as you share your understanding of your Heavenly Father
  • Listen to your parents and those who love you (I'll remind her of this one frequently)

Here's one of the better pics of our family-Josh was ready to be done with pics at this point. I hadn't slept for 2 days when he was blessed so I was grateful that was NOT the case this time around. Caitlyn continues to be an angel~let's hope the trend continues for many years to come...One of my favorite things is to have all my family gathered together and I had the best day. Thanks to everyone that came to support our family on this special day.

4 Generations or Caitlyn does the hula

Great Grandparents
Auntie Launey and Caitlyn

Josh really got a kick out of "Uncle" Mike that day. Mike is really great with keeping kids entertained and they were having a fun time playing around. Tammy and Ashley are in the background. We were thrilled their family was able to attend last minute and I really miss hanging out with them. It's so much harder to get together when you have kids.

I attended my first Shade clothing party at my good friend Wendy's home a few weeks ago. Yet another person I don't see enough of. I really loved the clothes-not sure why I haven't ordered Shade before now. Probably because I don't buy things off the Internet. Literally never have. I can't wait for my order to arrive. Happy post baby bump shopping to me. Now if only I could find some pants....
We attended the Calgary Corn Maze this past Saturday and though it was FREEZING out-we all had a great time. It was their first year and I was quite impressed with everything they had set up. Unfortunately the corn wasn't as high as it had been due to an early frost combined with a windy day that snapped a lot of it off. It was actually nicer to be able to see over the corn-not so freaky Children of the Corn feeling. Josh had the most fun out of our family for sure as you can see below.

Last but not least-Caitlyn turned 3 months old today. She continues to bless our lives with joy and I finally got her to belly laugh just for me in the mirror today. Usually she's laughing at her brother. I love this time in my life to be home with my family and it's really amazing to finally feel like I'm living the life I was meant to live, not the one I have to.

We're obviously going to have to work on the hairstlying and camera angles-LOL :>


Lynn said...

She is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing her blessing day with us. That sounds like it truly was the perfect day.
Love her white gown!

Mandy said...

It sure was nice to be with you on Sunday. We really miss you. You have to come and stay...I was totally serious about the offer so let me know when. Love you lots.