Monday, October 19, 2009

Slow down

It's been a whirlwind of a day. There have been many of those since Josh started Kindergarten and I went back to work (only 2 days a week-how can 2 days a week make me stressed?) I feel like I don't stop. I don't stop to eat or I eat standing up, barely stop to sleep. Because who has time for those things? I have a to do list a mile long that never gets done. I'm trying to remember a time when these things didn't matter to me. I cleaned when things got dirty, sat when the house was messy, went out to play without a thought as to how it would affect the next day's schedule. It's not til the kids are in bed that I feel like I can breathe because I only have my energy to deal with-not theirs. Go go go. I just want to SLOW DOWN. Enjoy life. Do the things that matter not waste all my time on the things that don't. Click here .I want to color pictures with Josh and stack blocks with Caitie. Honor those little people in my life because they are the most precious, sweet kids. Balance is always easier to find when I get enough sleep too ;)

So today once I'd thrown in a load of laundry, changed Caitlyn's sheets, fed the kids breakfast, got them both dressed, attempted to clean the kitchen, went to the gym, packed Josh's bag for school, fed them lunch, got him off to school, got her down for a nap, I sat. I sat and read Elder Holland's article from the September Ensign. I made time for something that REALLY mattered. (It's an amazing article-go back and read it if you didn't get a chance in Sept-like I didn't) There are so many things we HAVE to do in a day that it felt good to do something I didn't have to do but should do. In Sunday School, our teacher mentioned that the Ensign was modern revalation for our time and we should keep it by our bedside with our scriptures to refer to. Especially the conference issue-to keep it there until the next conference 6 months down the road. I'd never really thought about the Ensign that way before. Last November I read the conference issue cover to cover and it was amazing-first time I'd done that. I'm going to do that again when it comes this time. I love to read and I read quite quickly so it's very relaxing to me. It seems like there is always an article that I come across at just the right time to help me with something I've been struggling with-even if I've already glanced through the Ensign before-something new will often stand out.

Then tonight we had Family Home Evening. Which lasted all of 5 minutes due to 2 small kids but we did it. I tend to be super type A in that I have an idea in my head of how things should go and if they aren't living up to that ideal than I just don't do them. Heaven forbid it should be less than perfect. Sheesh. However, I'm really trying to focus on the things that matter so I grabbed the Friend and found an article about temples. We talked about the temple because Joe and I were sealed together for eternity on October 19, 2002-7 years ago today. He didn't remember that but I always do. I hope my children will value the sacredness of the temple as I do. I love the temple and can't wait til we get a temple here in Calgary.

And I slowed down enough to sit here and get my feelings out so I could be a calmer Mommy. Stuck on relaxing music and just typed. I met a lot of my goals today and I think if I can just DO instead of thinking about doing-we can have more days focused on the things that matter in the long run.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Now that it's October I feel like fall is officially here. September is always such a crazy month with kids back in school-it sort of feels like that should be the beginning of the year instead of January. It was a new beginning for our family this year with Joshua starting Kindergarten. He is attending a bilingual Spanish school where 30% of their studies are taught in Spanish. This is him before we left to take him on his very first day. It's the first time I've left him with someone where I don't know anything about them, other than their name, and it was a bit scary at first. Josh has already been teaching us some Spanish words and I can't believe how much he has learned in such a short time. Ever since he started school though he thinks everything is "awesome". He must say it at least 10 times a day. The only thing he doesn't like about school is how much it cuts into his time outside playing with his friends. It'll be interesting when he has to be there all day next year! Funny Josh statement of late "That mountain is bigger than my appetite". Where do they come up with this stuff?

First day on the school bus

I find with me being back to work 2 days a week I feel like I'm in constant motion. There is always something that needs my attention. And if I do choose to stop for a bit than things pile up twice as fast. I don't know if that's just typical of a mom with 2 very active children or if the ratio of cleaners to mess makers (1:4) in our house just means there will be more demands on my time for a looooooong time to come. I really don't like how it makes me feel. I feel like I'm just keeping up with the basics and the things I'd really like to be focusing on are falling by the wayside. For example, I can't remember the last time I took the kids to the park. My dad said the other day "Do you prioritize the things you have to do?" Ummm-yeah-basic kid needs come first followed immediately by household needs and husband needs are after that. My needs get addressed once everyone is in bed or occupied on the computer (ie.Joe). Soooo any tips from bloggerville on how you keep life in balance with work, family etc would be greatly appreciated!!
Here's Miss Cate (Age-14 1/2 mths)after her cousin's baby blessing this past Sunday. She seems to always have bruises or cuts on her face from running faster than her little feet can keep up and crashing into things. (hmmm maybe she gets that constant forward motion from me?) She is saying more and more words as the days go by and she loves to organize things into little groups (both my kids have severe Type A tendancies already) and stack blocks etc. It makes me miss the baby stage a bit but not enough to add another kidlet to the craziness yet. (sorry Launey) I just adore her.

Sorry for the bits and pieces but it's all I've got tonight. We have a little plaque on our mantel that says " We may not have it all together but together we have it all". That pretty much sums it up for this past month ;>