Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Update

I know I know-it's been a long time since I blogged. I just deleted 2 posts I'd started-one back in June and one from July. Started but not finished and now they are a bit redundant so here's to hoping I get this one finished!
We have had an eventful few months. Josh graduated from preschool in June and Mom, Leah and Joey were all able to come for the ceremony.

He starts kindergarten on Thursday and we're counting down the days til he gets to go. I'm a bit apprehensive because he has to take the bus and he seems so little for that. I worry that he will run across the road and get hit by an oncoming car as he doesn't really think much before he explodes into action. Must get that from his dad. Or it could just be the age. At any rate, Bubba (Graham) gave him a grandfather's blessing to start the school year and mentioned the whole safety/bus issue so I feel a bit better now. He seems like he's gotten so much taller this summer and he's definately ready for more to keep him busy than this mother can provide!
I went back to work in July just 2 days a week-Tues/Wed. It's a nice balance but if I had my choice, I'd be home full time, especially with Josh in PM kindergarten. Patients say to me "oh that's a nice balance and then you get adult conversation" etc etc. I just think-yeah and I get to drag my 2 kids out of bed one morning a week at 6:30 am to get us all where we need to be on time. It's IS good for me though because I really appreciate when I AM home with them. And truth be told, having a half hour lunch break (the days I actually get it) ,with no interruptions, is a treat. Just to sit and read in peace with only myself to worry about. I'm big on reading (which means I'm a TRUE Spackman underneath all the expressiveness). Our goal as a family is to get me at home full time but this fills in til then. It's nothing compared to working full time let me tell you. (I went back 4 days a week when Josh was 10 months old) Looking back at this past year, I can see that it everything happened for a reason and that reason was so that I COULD stay home as much as I'm able to now. If certain things hadn't gone through, I wouldn't have had the choice and would have had to work full time. So I'm very grateful for that.

Here's Caitlyn at her first birthday party on July 14th! Blame my crazy mother for the wild hat (which I loved). We had most of the immediate family there which is getting to be quite a crew. Launey made Caitlyn a GIANT cupcake for her birthday cake. Those of you who know me well know that cooking/baking is not the area that I find I want to spend my *ahem* best efforts. Mostly because my best efforts tend to look like someone else's just didn't give a darn. So Auntie made the wonderful cake (my slightly wild hat goes off to her) Caitlyn seemed to have a great time and everyone left stuffed and with ears ringing from all the little ones.

The weeked after Caitlyn's birthday party we were off to Summerland, B.C. to "camp" ( a term loosely used in this case) for a week. Flushing toilets and electricity are always my idea of roughing it and this year we were able to rent a fifth wheel to stay in that had AIR CONDITIONING. Another plus being the whole campground was blissfully unaware when said 1 year old wouldn't stop screaming. Didn't happen often but often enough to be worth the money we forked out for the luxury. Ususally I find my time in Summerland to be slightly surreal and calming but this time I didn't have as relaxing a time either because a) I'm not working more than 2 days a week which means I'm not as frazzled as I have been in the past by the time we get out there, b) vacations with anyone under the age of 3 years of age are not true vacations for the parent EVER , c) Joe had to come home for work for a few of the days we were out there so I was on alert most of the time with one or both kids or d) we only had 1 week instead of 2 weeks out there. Regardless, we came home tanned and wishing we had more time out there (again something we say every year). We're booked for 2 weeks next year and already have our trailer booked. Anyone that wants to join us is welcome!

This is how the rest of our summer was spent:

  • spray park at Prairie winds

  • Calaway Park

  • Calgary Zoo

  • Sea Dooing at Sylvan lake with family from out of town

  • hanging in the backyard with our "pool"

I have loved being able to spend so much time with the kids and Joe this summer. Summer is my favorite time of year. I'd love to move somewhere where flip flops are worn year round and winter jackets are a thing of the past. Maybe one day.

I have decided to recommit myself spiritually. Not that I've been doing anything that would put me on the naughty list but that I have been apathetic about my spiritual growth. My family cannot afford for me to be apathetic about my spiritual growth right now and I know it's Satan's way of trying to wear me down and wear me out so that I'm not where I need to be when things happen. Thursday I was able to attend the temple with my mom and my best friend for the first time since I've had Caitlyn. I know I need to get there more often.

So here's to August resolutions of being smarter about how my time is being spent and focusing on the things that matter. Hope your summers were spent in ways that make you happy and I can't wait for new beginnings for fall!!!