Saturday, October 18, 2008

3rd time's a charm or 3 strikes you're out?

My 3 Joys
  • My family

  • The gospel

  • Good books

My 3 Fears

  • Having to go back to work outside the home because I have to not because I want to

  • Not making it to the celestial kingdom with my husband

  • Sharks ( I had to get away from all the serious stuff!) We watched all the Jaws movies growing up and even when I jump into the deep end of the pool I get freaked out

My 3 Current Obsessions

  • What Not To Wear-Seriously. Cracks. Me. Up. Though some days if they captured me on a secret video I would look worse then their candidates.

  • Finding things to stick in my Magic Bullet

  • Trying to get more than 4 hours of sleep at a time

My 3 Surprising Facts

  • I LOVE to do laundry. I am the QUEEN of laundry(I need to be the queen of something.) Not enough to come to your house and do your dirty clothes so don't ask

  • I want to retire in an old cottage by a lake with chipped dishes and comfy quilts and an endless supply of books. Not sure where my husband factors in to this whole scenario.

  • I love to be near oceans and lakes-they calm me. Why I live in Calgary I don't know.


Jewels said...

fun to read :) and hey, when did you get a magic bullet?!? yay! let me know if you come across any amazing recipes!

CASSIE and JON said...

Cute pics of your Baby Girl! Caitlyn looked like a doll on her Blessing Day! May I add your blog, to a link on mine?? TTYL -Cassie

CASSIE and JON said...

Oops! Almost forgot. Here's my email:
Send me yours... I'll send you a blog invite! :)

chou said...

I agree with the water love. So calming. Except when it's stormy, and then a bit scary. :) It was great to see you!