Friday, February 6, 2009

Just average

So glad January is over. It's my least favorite month. Bad things tend to happen in my life in January. It's just such a gloomy month. When I grow up, I will always vacation in January to avoid the dreary monotony. Though I don't have that travel bug that people talk about. It just has never bitten me. I like to go places but prefer to be home in my own bed in my own house for the most part. I lead an average life. And I'm okay with average. I don't really aspire to much other than leading MY best life, but I'm fine with not being the best AT something. I'll leave that up to the pros out there. However, one thing that I have created in my life that is FAR above average are my amazing children. And to me, that is what matters most.


Lynn said...

I totally agree! Your kids are beautiful! Look at them!

Mandy said...

That little joe of yours....she's a cutie pie. Tanner has the same p.j's as Josh. Are they from Superstore 'cause if they are, they're the same.

Miss you

Jewels said...

how did i miss this post? I thought I checked religiously, but apparently not!

lol I think there is a lot to be said for being "average". euphamisms for "average" might be "stable" or "reliable" or "comfortable"... all good things, I'm learning. Having done lots of travelling myself, I'm only recently learning the joys of sleeping in my very own bed, night after night. It's good.