Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How long has it been since you shook YOUR thing?

It's funny-I like to blog and get my feelings out but a lot of what I have been going through is too personal for me to feel comfortable sharing with most of you in Bloggerville so I find I just don't post as often as I could. When I have major stress I know it because I don't want to create anything and that includes coming up with something to blog about. Just trying to get through the days does me in most of the time.
That being said....I took my first Zumba class at the gym yesterday. It's a group fitness dance class that's got some really tribal based music with lots of heavy beats mixed up with Latin music that allows for plenty of hip shaking-think Shakira. I wanted to try something different and figured-why not? It was AWESOME! I haven't felt that ALIVE in a long time! As the mommy of 2 small kids and the wife to someone who often acts like a child (love you hon) I have a lot of "should do's" and "need to do's" on my list every day. This was something I did for purely selfish reasons and it felt great. Just moving my body in ways I never do and letting myself go wild. (I know-odd mental picture for most of you reading this) Sort of felt like the old days except without the next morning reprocussions. I am going to do it EVERY week! And hopefully as an added bonus it will get rid of the excess baby leftover around my waist from Miss Cate. Because it's only been 18 months-too soon to have it ALL as it was pre-kid, right?!?!? (Insert sweet comments from Bloggers about my cute figure that they fortunately don't have to see in the buff)
Speaking of the little demon. Her new nickname after the all out screaming TANTRUM she threw in church Sunday. Literally had to go shut myself in a room somewhere after someone had to shut the chapel doors so she couldn't be heard when we were out in the hall. Sigh. She pulled my hair 3 TIMES. She likes to just throw herself in random directions and ends up smacking her head really hard. You'd think that would stop the insanity but it just seems to fuel her fire. And I was SO PATIENT-I just sat on the floor and waited it out while trying to minimize the damage to both of us. She was just tired and cranky. Of course after that 20 minute episode she was an angel in nursery. Whatever-as long as she gets this all out of her system before she turns into someone else at age 15, I don't care. I'll probably have to use the same technique for managing her at that age....
When I got pregnant with Caitlyn I was training to be a group fitness instructor but I never ended up completing my certification and I really regret it. I see the girls I took my courses with teaching classes now and they're completely incredible and I wish I'd finished my course. As this seems to be a recurring theme in my life that I'd like to stop, I'm really trying to get in shape and complete my training but I find I'm hesitant to do it. Not sure what's stopping me really. I sort of suck at completing things. Great starter, poor finisher. I love to set goal's as my Type A personality craves the structure, but am hard on myself when I don't measure up to my own standards. Any insight or encouragement is appreciated, as always.
I must say a big thank you for those of you out there who post on your blogs regularly. They make me laugh, cry and think about things in ways I haven't before. My challenge to you is to do one thing this week that makes you feel ALIVE like jumping out of your skin, laughing little kid ALIVE.
Hugs from here,


M said...

Hooray, you are back. Love the sassy new blog!!

I would love to do something that would make me feel alive....hmmm, where is my husband....;)

Stephanie said...

ummm EW Launey!
I think you should finish your fitness stuff now - just do it! How fun would that be? Exercise and a few nights away AND you get to boss people around who will listen!! love it.
I want to shake something.. sadly Brooks has a tad less to offer, so next time you go can you shake for me please? I would appreciate it!

DeeMomof6 said...

Erica You rock.. even in the hard times. Oh how I miss just Shakin' my Thing but harder to do with 6 little ones.. but getting easier now that they are getting older.Next time I am down that way we should really do a girls night out :) It sounds like we suffer a lot of the same things, including (and yes I love Mike too)a child like husband at times ;) And oh screaming kids at church.. what memories. Sam only recently started staying in class and I can go to all my classes. You ever need someone to talk to about screaming cranky kids I am here for you. The stories really do get funnier as time goes on and the fresh grating on the nerves gone. Congrats on staying calm though, I wish I could say I always did that but there are times when I have to walk away so I don't strangle my kids. You are truly an amazing person.

Janas Bananas said...

Dancing while shaking my groooove thang sounds deliscious!!! I miss the gym, really a great place to just let it all out and just feel great everywhere!! I have no thoughts of helpfullness in the setting goals department, I do not set goals since I try to avoid doing such a thing so I can be happy whith what I accomplish on a dailey basis and ok with what I may not have done...Maybe I am just lazy.. ;) You are wonderful for getting through your day and you need to just know that you are amazing for just surviving life and making your path for you to walk on and that is something alot of people can't do..Find the joy in the little things..That is what I think up try to do every day.

Alison said...

Ok, I'm trying this again! Really gf, you are amazing. A-maz-ing!! You have the drive to do and be better. And you're right - you are a stonger starter, as for the finishing, my suggestion is to extend the goal date, like I want to be a size 4 with amazing arms and a cutie bootie when I'm 40... not in 4 months ;) Or instead of going over all the things that you feel you're not succeeding at, make a list of all the things you ARE! Because seriously gf - YOUR list of that would be longer than anyone else's I know!! Great post, love you :)

candice said...

erica, why don't you finish your fitness trainer courses? there isn't a time line attached, and you'd LOVE it. You could get paid for 'shakin your thang, and it would be VERY therapeutic, as exercise always is.

It is hard not having an outlet when life gets crazy. I told neal that if i didn't start getting some "me time" i was going to go insane (and become a very bitter wife). he agreed that i could use some time to myself :) it is hard to balance everything, but i don't think taking time to develop yourself or just to be by yourself is selfish at all. i think it is healthy and VERY needed. Get a babysitter once a week in the evening and take an hour to do whatever you want to do, stress free. you can do it erica, you really are one amazing lady!

Kent and Barb said...

Erica, I enjoy reading your blog. You always make me smile and most times laugh out loud. You have the greatest sense of humor and wit about you...your are AWESOME!!

My last blog post is EXTREMELY personal so it made me laugh when I read that you don't dare post what has been going on with you since it is so personal. Apparently I don't hold back whether it is too personal or not ha ha ha!

Thanks for the challenge I am going to figure out something to do =)