Friday, April 24, 2009

Wedding Memories

1) What was your wedding date? February 24, 2001
2) How long from "I will" to "I Do" 5 months-I think. I can't remember if we got engaged in Sept or Oct.
3) Where were you married? The Institute (Not for crazy people-that came later ;> )
4) What were your wedding colours? Periwinkle and Silver
5) Who was in your wedding party? I had 2 close friends (that ironically I don't speak to now)and Joe had Mike Bourne and Rob O'Bray
6) Honestly, could your bridesmaids REALLY have worn the dress again? No
7) Did you LOVE your gown? Would you choose the same gown again? I LOVED my gown but would probably pick something different if I got married today. I still like the basic style but would go with something more elegant.
8) Flowers: Real or Silk? Real-my mom picked them out and they were gorgeous.
9) Reception: Full meal or Calling reception? Full meal after the ceremony and calling reception later that night
10) Dance or no dance? I think some dancing occured but we split fairly quickly afterwards
11) What would you have done differently? The wedding we had worked for us at the time but I would have preferred to have gotten married in the temple. Something a bit simpler maybe.
12) Any disasters? I didn't book enough time for hair and makeup before the ceremony started and there was a blizzard so we ended up starting about a half hour late.
13) Best Gift you received? Cash. I'm not the most sentimental person. My grandparents gave us a vaccum. Honestly-I can't remember anything that stands out especially.
14) Strangest gift you received? No comment
15) Most Memorable moment that day? My father in law giving me a hug after the ceremony and getting all teary. Those who know my husband well will know why. Also my dad leaning in the car window as we were about to drive off to our hotel that evening and telling Joe to take care of his little girl. Aww. I AM his only daughter.
Now feel free to post pictures for any or ALL of the questions, but post your favorite picture from your wedding at least!I don't care if you are married, separated, divorced, whatever! Join in!
Just to add a bit more-The older I get the more I realize how much I took for granted with how smoothly my wedding day went and all that was involved. I have to say a special public thank you to my mother who spent SO much time planning and shopping for my wedding while my family had just gone through a house fire November of 2000 and were in a rental home. She made it a beautiful day with every last detail just right for me. Thanks Mom. You're amazing and I love you.


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