Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm in love....with a girl

Well-she is my daughter so it's not sick and twisted. You just forget how in love you are with your newborn-it's nature's way of getting you through the sleep deprivation. I don't know if it's because I expected to not sleep a lot or if it's just that she's an easier baby but the second time around is SO MUCH BETTER for me. Probably helps that she's not a preemie, my delivery was easier, and she basically eats, sleeps and poops with minimal crying in between. That was definately NOT the case with Josh. I love her to pieces-even the smell of her. There have only been 2 times I've been slightly annoyed with her the past 3 weeks and they were both middle of the night cases where she just wouldn't latch-just kept bobbing her head around and I was like-get it done or just go back to sleep so I can sleep please. I just feel so blessed to get the opportunity to have another child. I love that the kids are 4 years apart so I don't have to chase after a toddler at the same time that I have a newborn. I really feel like I got to know Josh before Caitlyn came around and fully experienced each stage he was at. It's really great not having to go to work too. I much prefer this job-it's really rewarding though challenging at times. I think I could get really good at it if I could just work at it for 20 more years. ;>

One thing I DO notice with having a new baby around is I just cannot read or watch anything about child abuse or children dying as it just hurts my heart too much and makes me feel physically ill. I'm not usually too bad with stuff-I get that bad things happen in the world. But when you have this precious bundle cuddled up to you and mommy hormones buzzing-the stories are too hard to stomach. So I try to cuddle her a little longer because I can and because there are babies out there who don't get cuddled at all.

On another note-Josh is starting to calm down from the upstaging that his little sister has brought into his life. He had a MAJOR-can't talk because he's doing the chest heaving crying-meltdown the first night he was home after being at my Mom's for 4 days when Caitlyn was first born. Which is understandable as that was the longest he'd been away from us in his short life and he'd had my undivided attention the 5 weeks prior to Caitlyn's arrival. But still was hard to watch and he'd been so great up to that point that it baffled me slightly. Today we had time just to ourselves while Joey watched Caitlyn-Josh and I went to Prairie Winds park just the two of us. I really miss our time together and it was fun to spend time with him. Lately he's been saying "Oh thank you Mom" all dramatic like and it always makes me smile. We also went to the zoo as a family yesterday for Joe's birthday which was nice but HOT.

Tonight Alison and I escaped to Southcentre for a girls night shopping trip and then our usual dinner at Moxie's. So Caitlyn has been introduced to the mall at the tender age of 3 weeks. And so it begins....LOL. It was fun to look at the GIRL side of the stores-all that pink-it's a good thing I'm broke right now. I had such a great time and really wish Alison and I lived closer-we always have fun together and I love that she's always there for me. It's nice that some relationships are just easy.

2 things that are baffling to me lately. Music on blogs. Why? I just don't get it-I guess because with Josh around there's always so much noise that when I'm on the computer I just want quiet. But I get that it is your blog so you can put whatever you want on it-I just always go down and mute the music. Except for the classical stuff on Tiffany's blog-Yurima or something like that-LOVE IT. Very calming. But that's the only one. Word verification. Again-WHY? Trying to prove my typing skills are up to speed or just making sure it's not my 4 year old trying to post on your blog? Fill me in here people. Though I do get posts only being shown with blog owner approval especially after the anonymous fiasco. Drama drama.

Speaking of drama-I watched the first episode from the first season of Grey's Anatomy. It was fun to see how the character's have evolved since then. Lately I've been thinking of trying to go without TV for a month. Which has made me realize how much TV I actually watch even though I think it's a complete waste of time. And September will start new season's of my favorite that idea has been shelved for now. I don't watch TONS of TV but I do like certain favorites that I'm not willing to miss out on. I'll set some other goals first. Maybe next summer I'll try the no TV thing when I don't have to sit in a fixed postion and nurse a child for 30-40 minutes.

Just to show you what we're mostly up to lately-here's a hint. :>


Lynn said...

AWww....She is SUCH a beautiful doll! Erica, you look fantastic! I loved reading this post. I could relate to all the "girl things". I took remember going to the mall and just loving the girl stuff. Keep on having fun with her. She is absolutely beautiful.

Mandy said...

I don't know why your blog doesn't show my updated posts but there are a few new ones in case you were
It's great to hear that Josh is handling things better and that you got to spend time alone with him.
The music thing, I personally like music and don't really mind listening to it while reading posts. I guess to each their own. And the word verification thing I'm not really sure what that's about hmmmm...what is the point really????

adrienne said...

I agree with you about the music!! I mute blogs too! I don't mind seeing what people have for music on their blogs, but I don't spend too long reading each blog, so it's just annoying to hear bits and pieces of songs. Plus if the kids hear it they want to look too and then they want to play on the computer, so it's just annoying for me. I'm glad things are going well with Caitlyn!! I hope you are getting some sleep!